Welcome to our Shop, NYC!

Welcome to our Shop, NYC!

The newly reimagined ARMANDO CABRAL Boutique in Rockefeller Center is now open.


If you have found yourself strolling through the freshly blooming Channel Gardens, in Rockefeller Center, you will definitely notice the new shop on the block. ARMANDO CABRAL, the namesake luxury lifestyle brand, vision of founder, Armando Cabral, has opened.

The shop is immediately off 5th Avenue, just across from Saks Fifth Avenue, situated next to neighbors Tiffany’s and Todd Snyder. Lovely and light filled, the new space has been carefully curated to offer the best of the ARMANDO CABRAL to its new and loyal clientele.

“When we were planning this space, it was important to me to showcase the embodiment of my global perspective. I love the juxtaposition of the organic shapes and influences of the African sculpture and furniture next to the structured pieces from USM Modular. The comingling of the themes creates a unique harmony that telegraphs ARMANDO CABRAL.”



The shopping experience is equally considered, giving clients a curated but versatile assortment of hard-working pieces. The iconic Menswear and footwear selections all work together, so customers can confidently style themselves with ease.

The selection varies by season and sometimes weather, which makes it a perfect boutique to drop into and leave fully prepared for a party, the weekend or a formal event. The styling team are highly versed from getting the right fit to pulling forward a clients’ individual expression in a relaxed space.


Cabral’s own story is as unique and global as the shop itself. Born in Guinea-Bissau, he grew up in Portugal and sought his education in London. At University, he was recruited and started his modeling career, traveling the world and eventually settling in New York and starting his own footwear brand in 2008. The shop is a clear reflection of Armando’s love of travel, experiences as a citizen of the world, and a celebration of his own African heritage.

“I am excited to have our doors open and to be welcoming our customers into our space.”

ARMANDO CABRAL is located at 620 5th Avenue, in the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. The shop is open 7-days; Monday-Saturday, 11AM-7PM and from 11AM – 5PM on Sunday.

Get in touch directly, (863) 434-6451 or email studio@armando-cabral.com

Credits: Luis Guillén Photo @luisguillenphoto