‘Mahogany Kora’, our first fine fragrance in partnership with D.S. & Durga

‘Mahogany Kora’, our first fine fragrance in partnership with D.S. & Durga

As a lifelong lover of all thing’s beauty and especially perfume, I have been overly excited about today’s launch of ‘Mahogany Kora’. The EDP, our first as a brand was created in friendship between luxury perfumers, David and Kavi Moltz at D.S. & Durga., for quite a while.

The story of ‘Mahogany Kora’ and its arrival in our door’s originates from a dinner party where David and Armando met. The two, who became immediate friends, were locked in deep conversation about a subject they are very passionate about: perfume. As if destined, David had created the jus but hadn’t found the right moment for it, and Armando in turn, who always dreamed of launching a signature fragrance, had not found the right partner.

“When I described what I wanted to evoke with the project, David immediately understood where I was coming from and how to put my heritage into a signature scent. When I sampled it for the first time, it brought me to tears, I was so emotional; that’s how powerful this fragrance is to me."
— Armando

The scent, aptly named ‘Mahogany Kora’ is a powerful blend of African Mahogany, Calabash Nutmeg and Orange Flower, evoking the scent of the Malian Empire. Accented with notes of Atlas cedar, baguitchi hibiscus, Papyrus, the jus itself is as delicious as it is rich.

“I have long been inspired by the music of West Africa. When I first met Armando at a fancy dinner, we immediately connected over Ali Farka Toure. It made sense to translate the greatness embodied in the Kora to tell Armando’s truly unique story & vision for his brand. This fragrance slaps! One of my personal favorite’s I’ve ever made.”
— David

We often guide clients to build their look from the ground up; start with the shoes. With the addition of this fragrance, it feels like we can also advise to build a look around this scent. It really holds its own. In the best way imaginable.

“Together we built the fantasy of the kora’s fragrance - opening it up with rich amber mahogany draped in patchouli, papyrus, and vanilla.”
— David

Mahogany Kora fits right in with the brand. It being a unisex scent, it pairs well with the recently added unisex footwear collection. Launching today, Mahogany Kora is available in a 50mL size. Experience it online at armando-cabral.comD.S. & Durga and at our NYC Flagship ARMANDO CABRAL Mercado.


Perfumers: David and Kavi Moltz @dsandurga
Visionaries: Armando Cabral @armando_cabral, David and Kavi Moltz @dsandurga
Images: Miguel Ângelo , @theouluwaseye