The Founder

Being comfortable in your skin and your shoes.

This is what years as a model and traveler have taught me and these ideas are what have inspired the creation of my luxury men's footwear collection: Traveling with ease, dressing well and luxurious comfort.

Knowing our customer will feel his best throughout his day—from the minute he walks off the plane and settles in, throughout his daily meetings and events, to finishing the day with a lively dinner with friends, is paramount. This brand is for gentlemen who have crafted their own unique lifestyles and who require products that can keep up with them at every moment.

I want to help create and celebrate your personal style one pair of bespoke shoes at a time. Inspired by timeless design and easy elegance, my line is fueled by innovation to achieve luxurious comfort.

I hope you enjoy.


About the Founder

Armando Cabral is the founder and creative director of his eponymous footwear and accessories brand. Born in Guinea Bissau, raised in Portugal, educated in England and current resident of New York, Armando has inspired to create a brand that reflects his lifestyle as a citizen of the world.

As a model, Armando has exposure to luxury brands. His knowledge of fashion and love for design led him to notice an opportunity in the market for a collection that offered elegance and high-performance. He believes that sophisticated products should be accessible and functional for the modern man who is busy, dynamic and leads a demanding lifestyle.

Armed with inspiration, ideas and sheer tenacity, he immersed himself in design and production, intimately involved in every detail of the process. In creating the Armando Cabral brand, he offers value to his customer by way of craftsmanship and versatility; his range of curated products never sacrifices quality, comfort or style. Since its launch, the brand represents seasonal bespoke collections and several designer collaborations.

Armando continues to source his ideas, seasonal inspirations, and the finest materials from around the world, bringing his passion, insights and enthusiasm to every pair of shoes he creates.

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