The Adrinka: Past, Present and Future

The Adrinka: Past, Present and Future

With Fall and Winter come the opportunity for new beginnings. As the sun sets on the year, we look ahead to renew our perspective, inspired and ready for what the future has in store.

This reinvigorated outlook extends to my collection for Fall/Winter 2022. The complexity and significance of Adrinka motifs continues to deeply inspire me and inform my designs. Created in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire in the early 1800s, the Akan people developed this highly sophisticated system of symbols to communicate their cultural wisdom and philosophy related to life, death, humanity and spirituality.

Each symbol is unique in its aesthetic, and I’m moved by the significance and intelligence found in this profound lexicon. Hundreds of years later and yet still as relevant as ever.

Incorporating Adrinka into my collection has been a full-circle moment for me. I debuted these motifs in my Spring/Summer 2022 collection. When I started on this journey, my goal was to honor my birthplace and pay respect to Africa’s leadership in innovation and philosophy. Now, a year into this discovery process, I continue to find myself even more inspired to continue to build, create and lean into the wisdom of these symbols.

This season, I’m showcasing a few Adrinka in particular: The Aban, Nkonsonkonson and the Adinkrahene. 

Armando Cabral wearing GEBA Lug Sole Boots in Vermelho, featuring the Adinkra 'Aban' symbol


Featured prominently on my OBA Lace-Up Lug Derby and soon to launch GEBA Lace-Up Lug Boot, the Aban signifies authority, magnificence and power—all qualities pertinent to strong leadership. With this in mind, I honor the ancestral leaders who’ve come before me, and hope we can all channel the Aban’s symbolism to step into our own power and influence as we lead the next generation.

ARMANDO CABRAL OBA Lug Sole Derby featuring the Adinkra 'Nkonsonkonson' symbols

The Nkonsonkonson, featured on the OBA Lace-Up Derby Collection, represents unity and community. Reminiscent of a chain link, it is a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness in our humanity, a belief I hold onto closely.

ARMANDO CABRAL EMPADA Slip-on Sneakers styled with pants, featuring the Adinkra 'Adinkrae' symbol

The Adinkrahene, featured on the EMPADA Slip-On Sneaker, can be translated as ‘king of the Adrinkas’. Signifying charisma, authority and greatness, its concentric, layered design is said to serve as inspiration for the remaining Adinkra symbols.

Generational craftsmanship and expertise have always played a vital role in each of my products. Handmade in Italy, every shoe and accessory are crafted by master artisans who have been perfecting their craft year after year, and passing along that knowledge for future makers to inherit.

I feel it’s more important than ever to bond together and realize our collective strength. This collection is a reflection of my passion to lead, influence change and impart positivity. I hope you’ll join me on that journey.

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Photo Credits: Xavier Scott Marshall, Travis Matthews, Richard James Marot