This is my heritage.

This is my brand.



Founder, father, and Creative Director.

Born in Guinea-Bissau, a small country on the coast of West Africa, my family moved to Portugal when I was 4. Lisbon is where I primarily grew up, instilling in me a sense of European arts, culture, and global citizenship.

I got my start on the runway, where I started modeling while earning my degree in business administration. At 21, I was signed and rose to become one of the top models in the world, representing many of the most prestigious luxury houses: Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Dries Van Noten, and becoming the face of J. Crew Menswear.


My innate passion for shoes, knowledge of luxury, and experience in fashion led me to notice an opportunity in the Men’s footwear market. Armed with my inspiration, ideas, and sheer tenacity, I immersed myself in shoe design and production, intimately involving myself in every detail along the way.

My inaugural footwear collection was released in 2009 to include bespoke, classic, handsome forms and comfortable, technical function.

Today, ARMANDO CABRAL connects with partners and artisans all over the world to bring the best of global luxury culture to life, one piece at a time.




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