Mansa Musa Signet Reversible Coin Ring

$ 225

A little over a year ago, I was reading a history of Africa and found myself intrigued by the reign and empire of Mansa Musa, the great Malian King. He built Mali to be a global force and amassed wealth beyond imagination. I was inspired by the magic of his rule and created a coin ring to capture the profound sense of leadership in a signet style with two faces: Mansa Musa on horseback and Mansa Musa’s portrait. This ring is part of my first limited-edition jewelry collection. It’s a unique and clever expression of leadership. Crafted from gold-plated silver, both sides of this ring tell a complete story.

+ Made in Portugal
+ Men’s
+ Gold-plated Silver 
+ Stamped with the Portuguese Gold Seal
+ Available in multiple sizes

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